Today’s top venture capitalist Mary Meeker has just released a report about the most important technology trends and stats for the year 2018. The coverage was vast from commerce to mobile including tech giants. The report consists of 294 slides and was presented by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner and analyst. You can search more about internet trends if you "Look for glasvezel almere providers vergelijken in your area" or compare look for fiber optic almere providers in your area.

Here are the six trends from the said report:


As of 2018, our total global population is 3.6 billion and most of us are using the internet. More and more people are using WIFI connections and mobile phone devices are becoming cheaper. This results to almost 450 million WIFI networks worldwide. A lot of people are also starting to create their own blogs but you have to know more about massive targeted traffic before making a decision.


The increase of mobile usage is increasing every year and becoming more significant. With mobile, internet access becomes easier. According to research, an average adult spends 6 hours a day on using mobile devices.  Major companies are shifting to online mobile advertising and shifting a huge percentage of their advertising budget. Experts say that there is a $7 billion mobile ad opportunity this year. And hosts are making sure that they provide safe content for them. You can avail more discounts if you made purchase on online shops and you can Save more with kkday discount code Hong Kong.


More and more people are relying on the internet for their purchases. There is a growth of 13% with the help of e-commerce. Promo codes are being offered online to attract more buyers and increase income. Because online shops are trending, a lot of promos are offered online like you can "Get more prints using kortingscode webprint 50 foto's gratis".


Cryptocurrency interests are exploding. Courses on bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology are being offered and considered as one of the 2017’s most popular university classes. The price of bitcoin has increased to a whooping $20,000.


Amazon echo’s sales have increased significantly from $10 million to $30 million in 2017. And Google’s Machine Learning speech recognition accuracy reached 95% .  Voice assistants and smart speaker usage are increasing significantly.


Amazon reported to have a gross market value of $225 billion while Alibaba has $701 billion. Both are aggressively expanding offers and coupons are being offered by most sellers. People are now relying on these giants for product searches 24/7 worldwide.

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  2. Internet trends are always changing. As fast as one goes viral, it is how fast how it can be replaced.

  3. Trends should be treated just like fads. Because that’s what they are, just a seasonal thing. LOL

  4. Having so much to talk about online presence and everything, I think there hasn’t a trend that outfaced the social media phenomenon of this age. LOL

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